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Alberobello is a picturesque town located in the Puglia region, in the south-east of Italy. Known for its one-of-a-kind trulli, Alberobello has become world-famous for its distinctive architecture.

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Trulli are traditional buildings, made entirely of local stone. These small houses have cone-shaped roofs with overlapping slabs, without the use of any type of fastening. The trulli were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and are an unmissable attraction for tourists visiting Alberobello.


The city is divided into two main parts: Rione Monti and Rione Aia Piccola. Rione Monti is the most touristy part, with its narrow cobbled streets lined with numerous trulli that have been transformed into souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels. It is the ideal place to walk and immerse yourself in the history of Alberobello.

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Rione Aia Piccola is the most authentic part of the city, where there are trulli still used as homes by locals. Here you can breathe the authenticity of the past and get to know the daily life of the residents of Alberobello up close.

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In addition to the trulli, Alberobello offers many other attractions. One of the most evocative places is the Church of Santi Medici, located in the Rione Monti. This church, built in the 18th century, features a beautiful Baroque rose window and frescoes that tell sacred stories. The Alberobello hospital is located in the center of the city, a few steps from the trulli area. It is an important healthcare facility that provides medical and surgical care to residents and tourists in the area. The hospital has specialized departments for various pathologies and is equipped with modern medical equipment. The Alberobello train station is well connected to the main cities of Puglia, such as Bari and Taranto. You can reach Alberobello by train from these cities in less than an hour and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the region during the journey. The port of Alberobello is located near the city, about 30 kilometers away, in the town of Monopoli. This port is an important access point for the surrounding coastal towns and offers connections to other tourist destinations such as the Castellana Caves and the town of Polignano a Mare. The Alberobello court is located in the center of the city and carries out all judicial functions for the surrounding area. It is a historic building that dates back to the 19th century and represents an important point of reference for the local community. In conclusion, Alberobello is a fascinating and unique location, with its trulli that make it one of the most evocative places in Puglia. With the presence of a well-equipped hospital, a railway station and a port nearby, the city is easily accessible and offers essential services to its residents and visitors. There is no doubt that Alberobello is an unmissable destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the culture and beauty of Puglia. Hire private cabs Alberobello